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Meet Our Founder

Andrea Pahn—Founder of Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics
If you ask Andrea why she started Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics, she will tell you, "I was bored with the hum-drum nail polishes and wanted to create luxurious, high-quality formulations and put a little 'cheeky' fun into the nail care experience." Et voila! Cheeky Monkey was born.

Andrea Pahn

Andrea cherishes being a mom to three fantastic sons and four amazing dogs, and she knows that busy women like herself need time for girlfriends, glamour, and giggles. Andrea's refreshing joie de vivre and sense of humor leaves tears of laughter wherever she goes, and so do Cheeky Monkey beauty products!

With a background in culinary arts, media, and marketing, Andrea's inspiration to create Cheeky Monkey was only natural. The superb range of nail polishes and other products mirrors her personality: authentic, high-quality, and full of belly-laughing fun!
That's Andrea, our CEO. (Cheeky Executive Officer).

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